Some of the key observations Shashank Nigam shares in his presentation: - Be open to local practices: He shares a case study of a person in Indonesia who has over 450 Foursquare badges! Asians love to be “jumpers” on Foursquare, checking-in at locations they are not physically at, just to collect badges. - Collaborate with other brands: not only changed their own Weibo profile pic for an anniversary sale. And, they paid five figure sums to leading Chinese brands to change their profile pics to 360buy’s as well. It’s the norm, and travel brands should look to collaborate as well. Hotels with airlines and DMOs with tour operators. - Learn from other industries and adapt: Tesco in South Korea used QR codes at train stations to boost sales by over 100%. Gatwick Airport is now doing the same. Get the full story (presentation) at SimpliFlying