For example, how cool would it be if you could take a real-life tour of your top three Paris hotel destinations before you ever set foot on the plane? With today’s virtual reality technology, that potential is being realized. Not only hotels, but destinations, can share tours of specific areas that customers may want to preview before making a final decision about booking. YouVisit, for example, has used this technology successfully to promote areas like Houston, Texas and West Hollywood, California. Other travel marketers have been playing with augmented reality (AR) following the success of Pokémon Go. A team in Moscow, for example, developed the “Discover Moscow” photo app that allows visitors to take selfies with such notables as Peter the Great and A. S. Pushkin as they tour the city. AR may have other applications in-hotel, such as being used along with a heads-up display to improve customer touch, but this would be more of a customer experience issue rather than a marketing issue. Get the full story at Adotas