Even though some managed to have the language/country selection set up properly, there is one essential feature most of online travel sites seem to lack. Real-time personalization. In other words: make the most relevant offer to the user, while they are still on your website, even if they are not registered and it is their first visit. For instance, I come to your site and search for flights to/hotels in Berlin. I check out some of the options, continue to browse the site, even come back to the main page. In this short period of time a proper eCommerce optimization software should already know that I am interested in travelling to Berlin (or at least Germany) and before I have left the site, show me banners with the best options available for this destination. Not your hottest offer of the day, not your most popular destinations from my city, not some theme holidays, but my own search (or purchase intention) should be the absolute priority for personalization. The only thing you can see on most of travel websites is just your latest search query - the rest of the content does not change accordingly. After checking the user experience on many major travel websites, the only one taking care of their visitors and offering real time personalisation was Trip Advisor. Yes, they are huge and being able to keep the relevance on top is definitely a contribution to their success. After I spent some time on the site browsing through my search results, a pop up appeared, asking “Still looking for great hotels in…? Travellers also viewed these related hotels”, offering even more options and even a free guide to the city. Get the full story at Frosmo