While the main reason to bring a mobile phone on trips remains making calls, according to 47 percent, 19 percent cited communicating online through services like chat and email as the most important function. Phone Plus Thirty-eight percent said they often use their mobile devices for tasks other than calls when traveling, and 28 percent said they always do. Other than calls and texting, the top activities travelers use their mobile devices for when traveling include: 65% taking/sharing photos 54% surfing online 52% navigation 48% staying on top of the news 36% games Mobile for Travel Planning When asked what parts of the travel planning process they conduct on their mobile: 52% researched restaurants 46% read about destinations 45% read traveler reviews 42% booked or researched accommodations 34% booked or researched flights On the Road Activities While traveling, 62 percent of travelers said they use their mobile devices to research restaurants. Fifty-one percent check their flight status and 46 percent research attractions. Twenty-eight percent have checked in to a restaurant, hotel or attraction using their mobile device while on a trip. Other Mobile Device Travel Tidbits 23 percent have reviewed a hotel, restaurant, or attraction they’ve visited using a mobile device while on a trip. 38 percent post status updates to social networking sites to keep friends updated on their travels. 47 percent of respondents have used their mobile devices internationally. The greatest frustration with mobile devices when traveling, not surprisingly, is sporadic connectivity, according to 35 percent, while 25 percent identified small screens as their biggest mobile device gripe. 75 percent of respondents said they use GPS devices when traveling. 59 percent of travelers have used the GPS capabilities of their mobile devices. "Smartphone adoption around the world is skyrocketing, and is fundamentally changing the way people get travel advice," said Mike Putnam, director of mobile product for TripAdvisor. "Whether it is finding the perfect museum or restaurant, booking a hotel or a flight, or sharing advice, it is clear that travelers around the world now rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices to plan and have better trips." TripAdvisor recently launched a new "My Saves" feature for its mobile websites and apps that allows travelers to save hotel, restaurant, and attraction pages so they can easily find them again for future reference. TripAdvisor has free mobile apps available for the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, and Palm smartphones, the iPad, and a mobile website available for all major mobile devices.