Travelocity's Roaming Gnome engages his friends, encourages travel and shares deals in order to captivate users and create brand loyalty.

The benefits of Travelocity having a presence on MySpace are undeniable. Among many reasons, it's a means to connect to the target demographics on their turf, a social network where messages are typically accepted far more than via traditional corporate marketing. Here, Travelocity takes advantage of the fascinating opportunity to not only engage users, but to let the voluntary members of this online community themselves serve as brand ambassadors to their networks of friends.

This MySpace page perfectly communicates the personality of the brand icon, the roaming spokesgnome: fun, quirky, adventurous, up-for-anything. The witty personality is even carried out in the smallest of details, like the Gnome?s Education: Topiary Arts; and Body Type: Athletic. I?m intrigued that Martha Stewart is the top friend, but I?m sure her gardens are top-rate.

The three videos of the Gnome battling the Substitute Gnome are hilarious and held my interest. I love the free downloads, but I really love that there are several options the user can choose from for his/her MySpace page skin: desktop wallpaper, IM icon and ringtone. Beautifully extending the brand, this page even lets MySpacers shop the Gnome Store and start a search for flights, hotels, cruises and cars right from MySpace.

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