The company hopes that when instant booking is visible, it will be increasingly recognized by consumers as providing genuine value. And for consumers who still decide to click away to book their stay on a TripAdvisor partner site, Kaufer says "that's great" - so long as they're happy and return next time they need to make travel arrangements. TripAdvisor recently launched a redesigned app experience that it also hopes will improve monetization rates. The company has simplified its content and made the transition between researching and booking more seamless. Getting people who think of TripAdvisor for ratings and reviews to also think of the company as the easiest way to book travel will not happen overnight. But TripAdvisor is getting ready to spend $70 million to $80 million on a new advertising campaign designed to do just that. And it's going to focus on a message of saving money, which the company believes will yield quick results. Get the full story at The Motley Fool Read also "TripAdvisor in the age of platforms tries the full-service model" at Skift