Kevin Carr is part of the travel management team at UBS with responsibility for the global accommodation programs. The role covers RFP (request for proposal) management, vendor management, smart programme intelligence and the global strategy for the managed accommodation program. “After the initial loading of an agreed corporate rate, you have to go through quite a vigorous audit to filter out the errors such as hotels that have loaded incorrectly or not all,” he says. “It probably takes three rounds to get to a satisfactory conclusion. Mistakes could be because of the complexity of the deals, seasonal rates, different rate types, single/double occupancy, additions and inclusions, multiple hotels in different brands – and that is on several GDSs and through multiple travel agencies.” Carr recommends that an audit be done after the RFP to check that hotels have received instructions and what is loaded is accurate. “Go through rates regularly and check they are still loaded because they can drop out and hotels can make changes,” he says. Get the full story at Buying Business Travel