Gannett Co., the publisher of USA Today, has been profiting to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year from these small charges. But now that revenue could be in jeopardy thanks to a lawsuit from a guest who not only noticed the item on his bill — he was angry enough to sue over it. Rodney Harmon’s lawsuit is against Hilton Hotels, not Gannett, but it may be the publisher that has more to lose. While many papers have deals to distribute copies through hotels, USA Today is by far the most dependent on them for readership: More than half of its daily circulation of 1.78 million consists of hotel copies. (The Wall Street Journal, by comparison, gets only 7 percent of its circulation from hotels.) Of the 970,000 copies a day USA Today distributes through hotels, some 550,000 are paid for by the hotel andsupplied free of charge to guests, according to figures reported to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. But the remainder are what’s known as “guest refund” copies, meaning the guest is automatically charged for them but can request a refund. Get the full story at msnbc