The role of a virtual tour (sometimes called 360s or panoramas) is to increase travelers’ confidence, visually excite the shopper and provide greater detail of what is available. Virtual tours have the power to accentuate the value that the hotel can provide to the travel shopper. They are designed to create the feeling of what it is like to be inside the hotel. It helps answer the questions: “What does it really look like inside?” and “Is it everything it claims to be?” Benefits: - Gives consumers more complete and more engaging visual information than static photographs - Makes your property stand out in a crowded online environment - Increases consumers’ confidence in your property and their motivation to book - Differentiates your hotel from the competition based on the story your rich media tells, rather than competing on price alone - Increases bookings and look-to-book conversion rates by as much as 16 to 67% according to research from TIG Global and Omni Hotels Get the full story at Leonardo