Hotel marketers that use multi-media are able to deepen conversations with their guests and amplify personal connections because visual storytelling is showing the experience you have to offer to guests, through photos, virtual tours and videos, rather than just telling them through text. As people go through the different stages of travel shopping, they want to be entertained, inspired and informed because travelers are not just looking for a place to sleep, they’re looking for an experience. Compelling content is key to making a strong connection with consumers. Great visual stories captivate an audience and reinforce brand objectives. Here are some other ways hotel marketers can benefit from visual storytelling: - Take advantage of user-generated content your guests are already creating on your behalf. These authentic photos and videos will encourage other guests to share - Use video to raise your appearance on search results pages - Consider the season, local attractions and special events when creating stories - Optimize for mobile so as not to miss out on travelers browsing from smartphones and tablets Get the full story at Leonardo