It's not enough anymore to deliver goods as promised from an e-commerce site. Merely informing your online audience of breaking news is pass?, and amusing visitors with quirky applets is seriously behind the times.

To succeed on the Web today, you must engage your visitors so they return repeatedly. Toward this end, some Web 2.0 platforms could be your site's savior; others could be its online demise. Either way, much of the discovery depends on your search channel. This is where things get very interesting for those who seek greater visibility.

Some Web 2.0 content management systems, such as blogs and wikis, are primed and relatively optimal for search engine visibility straight out of the box. Google, in particular, seems to adore blogs. Blogs and wikis have essentially replaced outdated forums, third-party product reviews, comments in guest books, and user groups because specific elements inherent to blogs and wikis are naturally search engine optimized. They're textually rich, extensively interlinked, frequently updated, and rooted in semantic markup.

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