Travellers could skip the line and walk straight into the hotel and go right to their room. Hotels would appreciate it because not only would it make their customers happier, they would also avoid having to cover the expense of lost and unreturned key cards. Like hotel keycards that are rejected by door locks after your checkout date, the app on your phone would just delete the NFC code for the room when you checked out. You could even do this from your phone, instead of using the TV remote to check your bill and laboriously type in your email address. Hotels could also offer extra services through the app, like letting you pick a specific room from what's available, so you could choose what floor you want and how close you want to be to the elevator. Guests could rate specific rooms in the app and you could look back to see if a room you'd been happy with on a previous stay was available. Popular rooms could become like exit row seats on a plane – reserved for frequent travellers or available for an upgrade fee – and the hotel could sell you a room upgrade or a faster internet package at the same time. Get the full story at TechRadar