By comparison, only a quarter of the cities in HRG's survey last year showed rate increases. Even so, HRG director of global hotel relations Margaret Bowler said buyers' experiences in upcoming negotations would vary widely by city. "There are pockets where demand is very high and rates are going to move, but it's not everywhere," Bowler said. "You can't paint the world with one brush and say rates are going to go up by X." On a regional basis, rates increased the most in Asia/Pacific, 7 percent higher than the first half of 2010. Sydney was the most expensive city in the region, with rates 16 percent higher than last year in constant-currency terms. Rates also increased in Singapore (10 percent), Bangalore (22 percent) and Mumbai (4 percent), while they were down slightly in Hong Kong (-3 percent) and Tokyo (-4 percent). Get the full story at Business Travel News