"The market is incredibly varied with regional and even national trends continuing to be replaced by micro trends effecting individual city performance," HRG director of global hotel relations Margaret Bowler said in a statement. "At the same time, hotel groups are continuing to focus on increasing their average rates across the board." Europe’s overall ADR declined slightly in British pound terms. Hamburg, benefiting from rate hikes during its harbor celebration event in May, experienced a 10.2 percent increase, while Dublin continues to see modest year-over-year ADR growth (5.5 percent) as demand returns. ADR increased in eight of HRG’s top 10 United Kingdom markets, most significantly in Aberdeen (9.6 percent), driven by the oil and gas industry. Glasgow (up 5.7 percent) and Liverpool (up 4.6 percent) also led in rate increases, while ADR dropped in London (down 0.7). Conventions bolstered 2014 ADR growth in Seattle (15 percent to $263.15), San Francisco (3.8 percent to $330.87) and Washington, D.C. (4.4 percent to $315.24). Miami continued to experience high corporate and leisure demand, increasing its year-over-year ADR by 9.2 percent to $220.17. In Canada, though, an increase in supply led to rate drops in local currency terms in Vancouver (3.4 percent), Montreal (1 percent) and Toronto (0.6 percent). Get the full story at Business Travel News