Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, has today confirmed that Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), the world class corporate travel services company, has signed a global agreement for use of its industry-leading Universal API technology.

Launched last September, the Travelport Universal API is a GDS industry first offering travel agency customers the ability to aggregate content and travel related services from multiple sources through one single connection. As part of the new agreement, HRG will gain access to additional content from low cost carriers and high speed rail providers as a complement to core GDS content.

The solution, which was designed by Travelport to greatly reduce the time and money its customers were spending on IT, negates the need for HRG to manage and maintain multiple API connections to its new Super Platform architecture.

“Travelport’s API support team worked closely with the HRG team during both the planning and implementation stages of this initiative and we’re very pleased with how smoothly it has all gone,” said Bill Brindle, Group Distribution and Technology Director at HRG.

“By coding to one single solution instead of multiple APIs, HRG has quickly gained easy access to extensive new content for its customers. We can continue to book this additional content in our normal workflow process so it’s a win win situation for both HRG and our customers.”

Sandra McLeod, Senior Vice President, Global Accounts & Strategic Corporate Development for Travelport added: “We are delighted HRG recognized the value of our Universal API – it very much underpins the next generation of our technology and allows for easy access to a world of content and functionality in a very simplistic and efficient way.”

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