The disciplines of hotel sales, marketing and revenue management have seen many changes in recent years, and the pace won’t slow down in 2015. As consumer behavior continues to shift, the question in 2015 is how do we get ahead of these fast-paced changes and work within this new landscape? While there is no silver bullet, following are four areas to watch in each discipline. Read more. Intermediation The sheer number of new distribution entrants and disruptors that have come into the business can make any sales person, marketer or revenue manager’s head spin. They are developing so quickly that it is difficult to see how to adapt and combat. Keys: - Marketing: Differentiate on value, not just price. Look for the “incrementality” to your business and avoid simply redirecting business to your hotel. - Sales: Review the cost of the channel or the impact of the total cost of customer acquisition for leisure, corporate, and group business. All segments of business have new entrants. Also, look at high-value customers, particularly in regard to loyalty marketing. Continue to focus on keeping your high-value customers booking direct. - Revenue Management: When partnering with intermediaries, identify which are most valuable, who to align with and what unique offers or benefits to provide through those channels. Know the cost per channel and optimize your channel contribution. Measure, test, and measure again. Get the full story at HSMAI