It is important to realize how consumers research and ultimately book hotels, how direct online efforts and voice channels support each other, and how direct channel strategies can lead to higher conversion rates and revenue. With the internet putting critical information at the fingertips of potential travelers, they are better informed about the property they are interested in booking, services and amenities offered, room types, packages and promotions, and rates offered. But the reality is that for “high consideration” stays, there is an increased probability that the customer will phone the property directly giving the hotel the opportunity to reassure them, answer their questions, and, ultimately, close the booking. High consideration stays are those where the stay is important, expensive or complicated. Resorts and independent hotels often have diverse accommodation offerings with various types of rooms, views, suites, villas, unique and exclusive lodging options, and potential ancillary add-ons. The more complicated and less standardized these options, the more likely that the guest will want to talk to an informed representative to help them find the best solution for their stay. These bookings need someone to instill confidence and reassure the customer that they are making the right decision. Download the white paper at HSMAI (free registration)