OpenJaw Technologies has signed a contract with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts to provide its Internet booking engine technology for travel distribution, xRez.

The solution from the Dublin-based company will enable Hyatt’s global customer base to make Hyatt Hotel Reservations online in up to 17 languages including Chinese, Japanese and multiple European languages. Japanese property websites are currently in production.

The booking engine technology is utilizing XML (eXtensible Mark up Language) standards from the Open Travel Alliance to connect to the Hyatt Central Reservations System (CRS).

Uniquely, the solution also detects content changes in the Hyatt CRS and performs an automatic language update at regular intervals by connecting to Hyatt’s translations partners,, Global Link service, according to an official release.

The OpenJaw solution is a fully managed service hosted out of Dublin. OpenJaw contributes to the ongoing development of the OTA XML specifications, an open standard messaging system that facilitates improved connectivity between travel companies and their distribution partners, better packaging of travel products, and lower distribution costs.

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