Advanced wireless networks also allow hoteliers to learn about and gather data on their guests. For example, hoteliers can offer free Internet in the lobby/bar area and then monitor people’s actions in those spaces via their mobile connections. “A dashboard zooms into the bar area and we can see: Are people spending more or less time at the bar since we gave them free Wi-Fi? How many devices come through and how many were unique? What was the average dwell time? What time did they come by?” Manuelian said. “Now we have the visibility, and we can tell what’s going on—when they came to the bar, how long they stayed and what they were doing. “It’s not about Internet access anymore, but it’s about business intelligence.” Dania Duke, GM of the Hyatt’s “digital hotel of the future” in Santa Clara, said she’s excited about the property’s “super Wi-Fi” because it allows her staff to engage with its guests in a new way. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow