The NDC is IATA’s initiative to develop a modernized standard for communications between airlines and travel agents, enabling the selling of ancillary services and customized fare offers in the agency channel. Open Allies and IATA filed the proposed conditions with Department of Transportation (DOT) in a joint motion on Wednesday. The groups are asking the DOT to add the conditions to what IATA filed last year; IATA is seeking DOT approval of its Resolution 787. The conditions make it clear that any DOT action on Resolution 787 would not endorse a business model for airline distribution; stipulate that Resolution 787 would be entirely voluntary and would not require disclosure of personal information; indicate that Resolution 787 would not exclude the use of other standards; and that Resolution 787 would have no impact on who owns data. “We are delighted that we were able to reach agreement on conditions to limit the scope of Resolution 787 and ensure that it addresses only data transmission standard-setting, not a new distribution business model,” said Andrew Weinstein, executive director of Open Allies. Get the full story at Travel Weekly