"For our hotel customers who make the smart decision to integrate their FrontHotel PMS with SiteMinder's Channel Manager, this partnership means an opportunity to increase their revenue and also simplify the management of their online room inventory and dynamic rates. In fact, with the integration, there is little management involved as there is no longer the need for manual entry; the entire flow of online bookings is automated to allow hoteliers to go back to tending to guests, not to technology," says Toni Fontova, Area Hotel Manager at ICG Software. "ICG proudly integrates with a number of online distribution providers, but SiteMinder's platform is the first to provide a complete two-way integration for our customers. And in an age of mobile and instant bookings, the reliability and speed enabled through SiteMinder's Channel Manager is crucial and unsurpassed." Dai Williams, Managing Director – EMEA at SiteMinder, says, "SiteMinder is pleased to partner with ICG, a PMS specialist that understands the needs of the global hotel market. We are particularly excited for our mutual hotel customers who will reap the benefits of a wholly-integrated online distribution solution, to seamlessly attract, reach and convert guests." SiteMinder is today's leader in providing complete two-way integrations for leading PMSs, integrating with a combined total of more than 100 the world over. Used by both independent hotels and chains, ICG's FrontHotel PMS is specifically designed for hotels within multi-user, multi-property and multi-language environments. Related Link: SiteMinder