Make sure that you are tailoring its contents so that the visitor benefits. Don't turn your blog into an online brochure for your products; that's what your Web site is for. The job of your blog is to give your readers other information they want, and can use. And this isn't always about your products and services; in fact, often it won't be. By giving readers information they can use, even if it isn't about your products and services, you ensure that they will continue to read your blog, and tell others about it as well.

Make sure you allow your readers' comments to post as quickly as possible, and make every effort to respond to them as quickly as possible. This ensures that you will receive more comments, which gives you more customer feedback.

Also, make a point to visit the blogs of the readers who comment on your blog, and leave a comment on their posts. Essentially, you're telling them that you appreciate their stopping by, and it all but guarantees that they will come back again. And probably bring their friends!

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