Electrobug Technologies and IDeaS Revenue Optimization have announced full integration of the Electrobug Rate Check competitor rate shopping platform into IDeaS V5.

As per the information available, the integration, using IDeaS' and Electrobug's Web Services platforms, will enable users of the IDeaS Best Available Rate (BAR) functionality to clearly display their shopped competitive rate data, alongside IDeaS' BAR pricing controls; thereby providing a complete overview of the competitive market in one easy use interface.

Mark Heynen, managing director and founder of Electrobug, says: "We have long believed that revenue management, rate checking, and channel management should be closely integrated, and thus have close relationships with the revenue management community. The innovative thing here is that we have built this on our Web Services platform, which allows us to integrate into most online and offline programmes on an XML basis."

Following the deal, IDeaS' clients now have access to Electrobug's rate checking service, adopted by clients ranging from Pegasus Solutions to Sol Melia, via web services.

Linda Hatfield, Vice President of Product Management at IDeaS, added: "Completion of the integration work is good news for joint clients and prospects who want the convenience and performance advantage inherent by the solutions being fully integrated. The combination of rate parity with revenue management gives hoteliers an added layer of insight. It's an exciting option for hoteliers to allow rate shopping data to influence the IDeaS decisioning system. IDeaS is the only revenue management system that allows rate shopping to be so inherently applied."

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