Nearly 20% of business time is spent searching for information.[i] That’s one full day per week. I know the impact of this lost time all too well. During my many years spent running an outsourced revenue management service for brands like citizenM and 25hours, my team of revenue managers racked up countless hours collecting data. Not to mention the tiresome process of formatting the data in Excel. It genuinely pains me to think about how much more analysis time my team could have performed if they’d had clean data available at their fingertips. Back in 2012 already, I knew there was a better way. And I knew it involved killing those spreadsheets and gaining back that productive time. This is how SnapShot came to be. We replaced the time spent digging around for data and the cumbersome formatting process with a demand management application (DMA) for hotels. Launched in 2014, it put into the cloud all the tools (forecast, budget strategy) a hotel would need to manage its demand. However, the DMA wasn’t flexible enough for our customers, especially hotel groups, whose bigger pain wasn’t being given a new interface to manage the data, but rather the flexibility to access the right data at the right time. Get the full story at SnapShot