To find our answer we looked at 1,200 email campaigns sent by 60 resorts to over 7,000,000 recipients during the last six months. We grouped these messages by how many links each contained and found the average click rate and average clicks per clicker (“total clicks” / “unique clicks”) for each group. For Ryan Solutions sample, more links in an email led to both a higher overall click rate and more total clicks by each person who clicked the email at least once. Click rate jumped from 6.7% for emails with 1-10 links to 8.6% for emails with more than 30 links. Clicks per clicker went from 1.2 to 1.6 across those same groups. What This Means More options in an email lead to more clicks, that much seems clear. This increase in links appears to be the proverbial shotgun approach to content: Send enough topics toward your target and you increase the likelihood that at least one will be a hit. Get the full story at Ryan Solutions