With companies, including ones from the travel sector, starting to measure the social media ROI in several ways, social media marketing is becoming an integral part of Internet marketing. Like all aspects of marketing, one should define why resources are being allocated for social media and the same will determine which aspects may fit best an organisation’s needs.

There is no denying that social media is a great engagement tool to reach customers, especially in terms of how they want to be reached.

Be it for setting up own metrics to working on monthly reports to evaluate exposure and revenue generated through such efforts, the talk about social media marketing is much more meaningful now.

From queries like “Why should I be concerned about social media and how will I benefit from social media elements?” to follow-up questions like “How should I go about optimising for social media and measure ROI?”, which were asked quite often earlier, the hospitality industry seems to have made steady progress in this arena. All this seems to be a welcome change from a sceptical outlook that used to be associated till last year. Even till a few months ago, the efficacy of social media as a tool for customer service and sales platform was being questioned.

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