Don't get us wrong. The benevolent folks at IgoUgo believe that service - particularly to your fellow travelers - is indeed its own reward. But they also reckon there's nothing wrong with a little cold, hard cash.

So while IgoUgo encourages members to selflessly serve their fellow travelers by sharing their wisdom and experience, they throw in a little added incentive: the chance to earn GO Points, which translate into frequent-flier miles and gift certificates at leading retailers.

The world's premier online travel community, IgoUgo offers what even the best guidebooks can't: hundreds of thousands of opinions on destinations across the globe, plus suggestions and vacation pictures for everything from local hangouts and luxury accommodations to must-see attractions and worthwhile day trips.

This detailed, candid, and often colorful information is brought to you directly by IgoUgo's 350,000 members, passionate travelers from around the globe who share their ardor, enthusiasm, and the occasional "ugh!" in online, photo-illustrated travel reviews from more than 4,000 destinations. Whether you're looking for cheap eats in Charleston or things to do in Ljubljana, one of IgoUgo's members has probably been there, done that.

For each of these travel reviews, U.S. members are awarded GO Points they can put toward purchases at outlets including Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Sports Authority, Spa Finder, iTunes, and American Airlines. Members from other countries win points toward stores and airlines that work best for them. That means the British, naturally, can spend their points at Marks & Spencer, while those fashionable French can rack up cash toward a purchase at Galeries Lafayette.

In the spirit of "just showing up," IgoUgo offers an initial cache of points just for registering, and another for filling out a brief personal profile and posting a picture of yourself.

After that, quality counts. Entries are reviewed by IgoUgo's expert editors and given ratings based on the depth and utility of the information provided. The same system is in play for vacation pictures. A gorgeous photo of swaying palms at sunset will earn you extra points. That snapshot of you dancing on the bar after one too many banana daiquiris? Probably not.

IgoUgo's editors aren't the only ones judging the work of its contributors. Fellow members can express their opinions as well-and a review earns extra points every time another member reads it.

Still more bonus points are available for every high-quality entry about accommodations, restaurants, or attractions located in one of IgoUgo's official "Hot Destinations" - a list that spans the globe from Aspen to Afghanistan, Brooklyn to Beijing.

Many people these days have grown skeptical of rewards programs. But IgoUgo's system is truly simple: just register, write, and cash in. Period.

Of course, you could decide that the best things in life are free. That traveling and sharing your experience with a like-minded community is its own reward, and that you'd rather not use those points at all. But somehow& we doubt it.