While it used to be standard that exhausted executives, who had spent hours travelling through airports and dragged through meetings, did not care much for the design of their surroundings, times have changed. These days the business traveller is more discerning about their environment. With travel away from home seen by many as a burden, they look for the experience to be as rewarding as possible when it comes to comfort.

'People who travel for business generally dislike being away from home and their families. They want the time away to be as swift and comfortable as possible. When it comes to paying attention to detail, InterContinental Hotels Group excels at providing a service that mirrors the comforts of home,' said Chris Moloney, Chief Operating Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group, Middle East and Africa.

Acknowledging that the stunning design of a property does not act as the driving factor for a business traveller making the trip, Moloney says that it does play a part in repeat business. 'We know from our records that we have many repeat visitors to our properties here in the Middle East. They keep coming back because they appreciate our across-the-board standard that is implemented throughout all InterContinental Hotels Group properties.'

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