At a time when many in the travel and hospitality industry are pondering the possibility of Amazon re-entering the travel space, as well as the inevitability of booking a hotel room by using your voice, one hospitality CEO sees the tech and e-commerce giant as yet another distribution opportunity, rather than a potential threat. “They don’t publicly seem to have an opinion or desire to move into [travel],” said Keith Barr, CEO of InterContinental Hotels Group. “And if they were, the threat wouldn’t be to hotels. The threat would be to OTAs [online travel agencies].” “The question for us is what would our relationship look like with Amazon?” Barr continued. “Because we are always essentially going to own the stay. We always own the brand, we always own the customer experience.” Get the full story at Skift Read also "Amazon launches Alexa for hotels" and "How smart speakers are poised to reinvent the travel industry"