“You can’t truly localize for China without being fully embedded in it,” says Billy Turchin, VP, Digital and Voice, IHG Greater China, who has been now living in China for last four months or so. To his credit, Turchin has been associated with global businesses (including operations in China) for more than 10 years. And he has been working with IHG for over six years, working initially in global roles and now focusing on China. “IHG has a very rich history here, being the first international hotel company in China. The group is continuously evolving its digital presence to be more relevant to the Chinese customer,” says Turchin, who is scheduled to speak at the upcoming The TravelDaily Conference to be held in Shanghai (September 13-14). Even localization has different connotations for different organizations and the approach can fail if not handled properly. Turchin recommends that one shouldn’t build solutions for China sitting outside of the country or don’t try to simply replicate what has worked in other markets. As for the lessons he has learned from his previous experiences and time spent here, Turchin says localization would mean working in proximity with technology partners, marketing partners, understand the media landscape and observe consumers more closely. “Difficult to do (localize) that if you aren’t here,” said Turchin. Get the full story at ChinaTravelNews