Indeed, as voice search expands - to the tune of 50 percent of all searches by 2020 (according to some estimates) - so, too, do opportunities for platforms to cash in beyond products and services. In fact, in an earnings call last year, Google acknowledged voice search will drive industry-wide change, but it did not detail its plans. These devices are already in a massive (and growing) number of American homes.Amazon’s Black Friday weekend sales saw millions of orders for voice-enabled devices that could help generate $10 billion in additional revenue by 2020, split evenly between device sales and shopping, according to investment bank RBC Capital. And they’re already being used to make significant numbers of purchases. A study from NPR and Edison Research found 26% of participants use their smart speakers regularly to add to their shopping lists and 57% have ordered an item through their smart speaker. Of these consumers, 59% said they have ordered a new product they have not previously purchased and 49% have reordered an item. Get the full story at TechCrunch