Online booking has become the norm for many travelers and potential hotel guests. In fact, online travel sales in 2012 reached about $162.4 Billion, up 12% from 2011; a 10% increase year over year seems to be the norm over the last several years. And, about 40% of this online revenue is attributed to hotel bookings. Capturing a part of this massive online revenue is an obvious goal, and one that many hotel marketers make sure is part of their annual budgets. These activities can involve things like Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization and E-Mail Marketing; for more info, be sure to download our Hotel Internet/Digital Marketing Guide. But what many marketers disregard is what happens when the user finally gets to a hotel’s website. So much effort is concentrated on getting people to a hotel’s website, that the user experience or thinking about ways to improve online conversions once a user is actually on the site are often forgotten. Get the full story at the O'Rourke Hospitality blog