The GDS model in Asia, like elsewhere throughout the world, is undergoing change. The airlines are conscious of what they pay for distribution and maintain a constant pressure on GDSs to reduce distribution fees, says Peter Smith, VP e-commerce, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

Don Birch, president and chief executive officer, Abacus International says, “The traditional GDS model has evolved from the CRS. Over the years, it has matured into the technical travel platform relied upon by the entire travel chain. Primarily used by airlines to distribute their capacity globally, other travel suppliers especially hotels are beginning to understand the comprehensive and cost effective distribution provided by GDSs. In addition, as more and more travel goes online, GDSs will continue to be important suppliers of both content and functionality. Asia is at the beginning of this journey.”’s Ritesh Gupta got in touch with both Smith and Birch ahead of Travel Distribution Summit, scheduled to take place in Singapore, next week.

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