Some of the possibilities being debated include: Sharing services: Hotels do offer some services that short-term rental owners would value. Potentially, hotels could offer services to nearby rental locations and share in their growth and success. Sometimes, for example, check-in is a challenge for an absentee property owner. Hotels, on the other hand, often have 24/7 check-in capability; they could provide a key collection or drop off service. And when it comes to cleaning, hotels, of course, have large well-trained teams that could potentially service nearby properties as well. Harnessing hotel RM: Innovative travel start-up ‘Beyond Pricing’ offers revenue management services to short-term rental properties – and projects a 40% increase in revenue for property owners. Indeed, the application of hotel RM algorithms to rental properties can add tremendous value to the owners. But one argument is that nearby hotels could add even more value than a centralised RM provider. After all, hotels likely understand the local market better and potentially local hotel RM departments could even offer RM services to nearby properties. Participating on Airbnb: Distribution is one of the key strengths of some short-term rental providers like Airbnb, which customers increasingly rely on to identify available properties all over the world. So, why not hotels too especially in places like New York City, for example, where Airbnb is facing intense pressure from regulators? Indeed, hotels could participate in this channel with their own product, particularly if they offer something unique in terms of location, stylish living space, or local atmosphere – each of which might position it favourably versus short-term rentals. Airbnb recently announced that its customers could also participate in local activities or tours – and another suggestion in Atlanta was that this too could be a collaborative effort between hotels and the short-term rental business. This is arguably a win-win for Airbnb and hotels. Get the full story at EyeForTravel