Powerful upselling tool: In addition to providing key hotel information, the revenue driving feature for hotels, is the ability for guests to place room-service orders directly from the tablet, without ever having to pick up the phone. In fact, hotels that currently have a custom app have reported a 41% increase in room service revenue per occupied room. This is largely due to the fact that you can tailor an app to make suggestions after a guest selects a menu option. For example, the guest wants to order a burger, after putting the burger in their cart they’ll see a suggestion to add seasonal fruits or a Pepsi to that order. Streamline room service/housekeeping needs: In addition to upselling when a guest is ordering room service, a custom app allows the property to streamline the process for guest needs. Once a guest places an order for either room service or housekeeping, the guest can track the status through the app. Translations: Have a large international guest base? Translation issues disappear when the guests are using the app. Guests can select their native language, and proceed to review all information in that custom language. For example, the guest can change the language setting to Spanish, and on the backend the request still comes through in English. This removes a language barrier and provides an easy communication tool with International Guests. Get the full story at Micros eCommerce