Boosting clicks from your email campaigns begins with a clear understanding of the metrics that track success. Let’s take an example: You send an email to 100 people. 30 people open the email. 12 of those people clicked on the call-to-action at least once. A clickthrough rate is the percentage of delivered emails that had at least one click. So, if you send a message to 100 people and 12 click on its link, you have a CTR of 12%. Use CTR to measure general engagement. A click to open rate is the percentage of opened emails that have at least one click. In this two-step formula, you divide the number of recipients who click on a link (12) by the number of recipients who open the email (30) to arrive at a CTOR (40%). Use CTOR for gauging the performance of the content of the email itself. Remember, CTR is affected by factors like subject line and sender title because it’s a percentage of people who clicked out of the total number of emails sent. So if you want a true indicator of how the internal content of the email is performing, CTOR is going to give you that information. Get the full story at Revinate