International tourism will grow 4.3 percent in 2016, with demand highest in Asia and North America, according to a Positive Luxury study on the state of travel. Alongside shifts to personalization and emphases on philanthropy and sustainability, assumptions about who travels and when travel happens are also breaking down. The continued growth of travel beyond that of other luxury sectors puts hotels in an enviable place, but capitalizing on that growth will require strategic shifts. “Innovation in the sector is perhaps the biggest challenge to date, with consumers’ hunger for information putting pressure and demand on the industry, as well as the concept of niche and personalized travel, with brands having to think completely outside of the box to offer services beyond the norm,” said Tim Jackson, author of the report for Positive Luxury, London. “Within this new paradigm, hotels and travel operators will need to find the balance between the out of this world, immersive experience and having a positive impact on the environment and society.” Get the full story at Luxury Daily Read also "The U.S. tourist was a vital element to global tourism growth in 2016" at Skift