According to a recent study*, OTAs are forecasted to represent 48-58% of online volume for U.S. independent hotels in 2015. The outcome is lower profitability due to higher fees and lost connections with consumers. It is possible to change the direction of online bookings. Everyday millions of data points are placed on the Internet while consumers shop online and when aggregated and analyzed can paint a clear picture of the path to purchase. This is a goldmine of opportunity and revenue potential for any hotelier who sees what others may not. “Data from a hotel website provides valuable information on the consumers that hotel marketers have successfully attracted to their website. But what about the active travel consumers that have not visited the hotel site yet?,” asks Rich Maradik, Founder of nSight. “nSight looks beyond the hotel website to the full potential of consumers shopping a hotel, itscompetitorsand the market. With total demand perspective, hoteliers have the insight to make smarter marketing and revenue strategy decisions based on predictive analytics not just booked business and past market trends.” Get the full story at nSight