For many in India these days, the journey to the next vacation or that quick business trip does not start with frantic phone calls to a travel agent or waiting in the queues of airlines offices anymore. It starts with just a few clicks on the computer mouse.

Having tasted success globally, the Web-based business model of travel booking or online booking has finally started clicking in India too, as hordes of Indian travelers are increasingly turning to their computer screens for booking their flight tickets and even hotel rooms. And to cash-in on the latest craze of click-happy Indian travelers, a host of India-centric online travel portals have set up operations in India, while international online travel companies are gearing up to explore the country's scorching travel market.

Not that online travel is a new concept in the country; in fact India first got the taste of online travel booking back in the late 1990s -- during the dot-com boom -- that saw a few online travel agencies emerge almost overnight. But most vanished equally fast with burnt fingers due to lack of faith and interest of Indian travelers to book online. Some hardly even got a chance to recover the money spent on Web site design.

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