The two way integration with RateGain’s advanced, comprehensive online distribution solution, RezGain, would enable Archipelago International to experience a complete suite of benefits like centralized and automated distribution, pooled inventory capability, dynamic rate management, real-time updates to multiple channels, etc. This would further empower the Group to stay ahead in all distribution operations and gain valuable data-driven insights to expand their reach. Speaking on the esteemed partnership, Bhanu Chopra, CEO, RateGain, said, “We are pleased to join hands with one of the most coveted and prestigious hotel chains of Indonesia. The Southeast Asian region has been home to one of the most flourishing hospitality markets across the globe. Moreover, Archipelago International’s remarkable name and presence across the region, due to their extensive range of properties and rooms and phenomenal services, presents a brilliant opportunity for us to take our technology solutions across borders and simultaneously, witness growth. Our vision is to align our partnership in a direction that brings in the best next generation technology to the millions of people seeking online travel experience. We look forward to set up a seamless distribution ecosystem that brings in the most competitive distribution model to the hotel & contribute to their bottom line.” On their visit to Archipelago, Ms. Tenaiya Brookfield, Group Vice President - Sales & Marketing, said, “We are thrilled to join hands with RateGain, the leading technology giant with its world-recognized, valuable offerings for the hospitality industry and having an extremely dynamic and supportive team. In a market, which is constantly evolving, and changing gears all the time, we were on the lookout for a technology partner who besides being flexible, has a constant interest and desire to re-invent and create something that is sustainable. Moreover, RateGain’s long term-vision and practices are in tandem with our values, dreams and goals, and it is refreshing to collaborate with a company like that. Having said this, we are really excited to see what would come next.” Related Llink: RateGain