I keep thinking back to Greg Marsh’s closing keynote address at the Revenue Strategy Summit this past summer in Washington DC. The founder of OneFineStay said the hotel industry would look fundamentally different in the next two decades: “Change is coming. I think we’re seeing the beginning of it as we come off the current investment cycle and start to feel these factors really bite. And what will emerge 10, 15, 20 years from now will be a global hospitality industry that has a fundamentally different shape than the one we’ve grown up with. The way people use technology, mobile phones and the way people use marketplaces for accommodation services - it’s not going to go back in the bottle. The genie is out. The hotel industry will not emerge in its current form.” Marsh said exactly what I’ve been thinking for more than a year. Those same thoughts returned again this past month when I read that Expedia was launching revenue management services. On the surface, it’s not huge news. But the powerful online travel agency is now offering hotels more traditional business-to-business services, much like Priceline has done with BookingSuite. The other half of the duopoly acquired Buuteeq and PriceMatch and now provides digital marketing and revenue management solutions for hotels. Get the full story at Duetto