Given more than 2 billion people now use Facebook, it's fast-becoming an essential platform for all business types, if it's not already. But the opportunities in the travel and hospitality sector are particularly significant, and all businesses within this segment should definitely have some presence on The Social Network. As Facebook notes, our travel choices are heavily influenced by recommendations from other people, people we know, like and trust - recommendations that used to be delivered in person, but which we can now access for any business, at any time, via Facebook. Via your Facebook connections, you can get quick feedback on travel ideas, places to stay, things to do - and you don't even need to ask them, you can just do a quick Facebook search and look up a location to see posts your connections have made about it, enabling you to easily gather relevant opinions. And that's before you consider Instagram, another part of Facebook's family of apps - on Instagram, there are over 160 million Instagram posts using the hashtag #travel, and up to a million travel-related searches on the platform each week. Get the full story at Social Media Today