Panelists a panel at the 27th European Hotel Investment Conference, hosted by Deloitte said that historically hoteliers have not been good at delivering the necessary innovation back of house. “Hoteliers rarely change the underlying business processes of the industry,” said Michael Levie, COO of CitizenM. “We’re in a red, very competitive ocean, not a blue ocean in which 87% of innovation will fail in its first year.” One question asked by Deloitte moderator Simon Oaten was whether this big spend, innovative dual-tech approach would be scalable. Pasricha, Levie and Allie Hope, head of development of Virgin Hotels, representatives of three relatively new brands already praised for their savvy on both sides of the tech divide, believed it was and shared their vision and experience as to how what the future will hold in terms of technology. Get the full story at Hotel News Now