Here are the four trends Amadeus took away from last weeks South By Southwest conference (“SXSWi”) in Austin, Texas. Innovation loves travel Travel is fun and inspiring and therefore it will always be an interesting and attractive area for entrepreneurs and startups. So new ideas and innovation will continue to come into our industry. That also means more business options, offerings and competition. We need to stay on top of the game to assure we are delivery to products and services that the travel marketplace and travelers will need and want. Attention all marketers It’s the traditional marketing principle of getting the right offer to the right person at the right time in the right way but with a new digital twist. Interactive marketing and promotion was a strong focus at the conference in many forms such as visual storytelling, brand journalism, social sound, lead-generating social video, social marketing analytics and loyalty apps. Travel marketers need to be taking full advantage of the new tools and options available to attract, inspire and engage with current and prospective customers. Big Data goodness Big Data is the buzz these days. That’s because there are now incredible amounts of data, analytics and business intelligence flowing through and available via digital, social and other channels. The travel industry should be examining how and where they can harness, analyze and apply all this data to offer more relevant, hyper-personalized travel offerings and user experiences. Forget the launch; it’s about the evolution This SXSWi didn’t boast major social media launches, like in past years with Foursquare and Twitter. But there were many new offerings and businesses focusing on the continued evolution and expansion of existing social channels. Current social technologies and channels are extended, evolved, expanded and combined to create new offerings and business opportunities. For example, new cameras designed specifically for social posting. Or social video combined with sophisticated lead generation and business analytics for YouTube and Twitter. The travel industry should understand and leverage this ongoing evolution to engage and bring new value and options to their customers and their business. Get the full story at the Amadeus Blog