During the initial “dreaming” phase of a trip, travelers turn to family, friends and colleagues for recommendations, and rely heavily on the internet as a primary source of inspiration (such as watching YouTube videos or browsing images of local attractions). Digital marketing gives you presence and influence at the start of this online journey. Once a person has picked a destination, the majority (60%) will use a search engine to plan. During this phase, travelers typically use broader keywords often related to a hotel and specific location, for example “hotels in New York City.” This is where you can make the first impression with a potential guest. When consumers book a hotel, 4 out of 5 book online. At this point, search terms become highly specific and commonly involve the brand name of a hotel and destination. However, the top four search spots are frequently dominated by OTA PPC ads; being outside of these top spots is a problem. Get the full story at Travel Tripper