MMGY asked 2,800 travelers in 2013, and again in 2015, if they had used a travel agent to book their last vacation. Where just 12% had in 2013, the number rose by 33%, to 16%, in 2015. And when asked what they used a travel agent for, usage was up significantly in eight out of nine categories, including to book a hotel, to get inspiration about a destination, to book a vacation package, to buy insurance, to book a cruise, to book a rental car, and to buy attraction or event tickets. The only category that did not increase was to buy an airline ticket. Then MMGY asked about the likelihood that they would “use the services of a travel agent in the next two years for at least one vacation”—and the number rose again by almost 30%, from 17% in 2013 to 21% in 2015. More encouraging news came when MMGY broke out the numbers by income level and age group. In the $250,000+ salary range, 30% said they were going to use a traditional travel agent in the next two years. Of those, 92% said they want to work with traditional agents because of their “knowledge of destinations and travel service providers.” Tied for the number-two answer were “they have the experience to help me book a better trip than I could on my own” and “they have the ability to provide an extra level of service when things go wrong.” Get the full story at Travel Market Report