Back in the early days, market HotelTonight managers did all the grunt work of finding hotels to partner with and haggling over pricing. “You’d practically have a phone in each hand and be working your emails with your toes to make sure we had inventory for launch,” co-founder Jared Simon said. “12 pm rolls around and you breath an enormous sigh of relief.” But in July 2012 everything changed - HotelTonight developed an algorithm that automated the system and lessened workplace pressure dramatically. Hotels now input their own prices and the algorithm chooses the best “deals,” based on price range per type of hotel (luxury, mid range, etc). The startup has established enough hotel partnerships in each market and gotten popular enough among the general public that hotels now jockey to be the chosen “featured” ones. They see it as their best chance at getting their vacant rooms booked the same day. Get the full story at pandodaily