The journey was broken down into 7 critical phases – Inspiration, Research, Planning, Validation, Booking, Traveling and Sharing, and analyzed how hotels can influence each stage of the journey to drive more direct bookings. Here are some highlights from the first presentation, “A World of Pure Imagination: Searching for Travel Inspiration.” Identifying & Targeting Travelers – Chris Blaine, Sojern In today’s complex digital world, the travel shopping journey resembles something more like a travel shopping maze. Whether a leisure traveler is looking for a destination, or a business traveler is searching for the best neighborhood, during the Inspiration phase travel shoppers are open-minded and not committed to a specific brand. Furthermore, they are highly involved in their search for accommodation. Travelers spend, on average, 25% more time deciding on a hotel than booking a flight. But hotels can only inspire and influence travelers if they show up and compete. There are 3 main ways to reach travel shoppers online: Search, OTAs and display advertising. Chris’ presentation focused on the latter. Get the full story at Leonardo