Explosive growth, aspirational demographics, and unmatched engagement have secured Instagram’s place among the social media elite. Instagram amassed 150 million monthly users in three years - two years faster than Facebook and half the time of Twitter. Although an eighth of parent company Facebook’s community, Instagram registers 15 times the engagement and double the engaged user base (Total Community Size x Engagement Rate) of the mother ship. 93 percent of prestige brands now maintain a presence on the photo-sharing platform, up from 63 percent in July 2013. As teens migrate away from Facebook, Instagram has maintained its street cred and is the fastest growing global social platform. The visual platform acquired 60 million new monthly active users in 2013,2 the highest year-over-year growth (66 percent) among top 10 mobile apps. L2′s Intelligence Report: Instagram assesses the performance of 249 prestige brands on arguably the world’s most powerful social platform. This data-driven report offers insight into prestige brands’ Instagram investments, the e-commerce potential of the platform, and the initial results from its latest features; Instagram Advertising and Instagram Direct. The aim is to provide data, best practices, and case studies to help organizations formulate their digital strategies. Download a report excerpt at L2 (free registration)