A new report from Sabre and TrendWatching identifies Human Brands as one of the six mega-trends with the largest impact on the hospitality industry. More specifically, this mega-trend identifies key components often overlooked when it comes to the discussion of loyalty. For hoteliers, the big question remains: How do I get guests to keep coming back? Hollywood has a term for those scenes when two characters meet and you know right away, to quote Casablanca, that it’s “the beginning of a beautiful friendship." That kind of scene is called a "Meet Cute.” With that in mind, I think it’s good that Jeremiah Gardner, author of The Lean Brand, defines a brand as “a relationship between an organization and an audience.” Gardner isn’t talking about having conversations with consumers on Twitter or getting likes on Facebook posts; those are merely interactions. A relationship is much larger, and much more meaningful. And the way that you meet new customers, that first impression, has a lot to do with how those customers will see you and whether a lasting relationship will unfold. Get the full story at Sabre Hospitality Solutions